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martes, 16 de abril de 2013

This is Bill (III)

I received a Walkman for my birthday the other day. My aunt Charlotte gave it to me. She said I only need a pair of batteries and some mix tapes that I could make on my own, or I rather look for some tapes at the music store, it was all up to me. I really like rock music, pretty much the classic bands. So, I decided to do a mix tape, but the problem was I really didn't know how to.

I spent the whole afternoon figuring out what I needed and, by the evening, (I guess it was around seven) I finally discovered my stereo has a recording button, which I guess I never noticed, but was always there. It´s all red with three white letters which look like this:


I guess you can picture the button better, now.

Once I realize how it works, I have to record some of my favorite songs from the radio; I just hope the radio host doesn't speak at the end, otherwise, I'd have to listen to him all the time, and probably, my songs wouldn't be my favorite anymore by then, just because of that. 

I've been noticing things again. You know, this stuff no one cares to observe thoroughly. For example, I look outside from windows. In my bedroom, they are all squared shaped and medium sized. Some nights, when I cannot sleep, I look through them and there is a mixture of color, darkness and light, in some cases. Other nights, the sky is deep navy blue and stars appear as millions of silver tiny dots. You can see the entire city from my bedroom windows, or pretty much of it. There are two big trees behind my house; to see them, you have to go to my parents' bedroom. 

I wish my bedroom was as big as my parents', but I enjoy the view, anyway.

I'm thinking about you, again.