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lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

This is Bill (I)

I like taking pictures of people, I like to see how they move - How they moved, how they’ll move - And I relate fish with infinity, because, when mom taught me how to draw a fish for the first time, it had this shape, like an eight lying down but with a little vertical line at the end, so that it’s really closer to the infinity sign, which actually has the shape of an eight lying down, like this:

That’s why I think fish are infinite.
It all started when I saw the fog, in the middle of a family trip in 1990, with my cousins. The view became all thick, like it was covered by a blanket, a big, white blanket. It was beautiful; certainly an unpredictable spectacle.
Since then, I learned to amplify my perspective, to see beyond the common way things have. I understood that you just can’t stare at a leaf without showing sensibility, even if everyone else doesn’t. They just look at the leaf and pass by. In fact, they don’t even look at the leaf. That’s why I decided I was going to look things for real by this time, like the fog; you can’t ignore and get sleepy in the car, you should appreciate it by its inner condition.
So, every time I stare at something, I try to relate it with some stuff that has a presence in real life, for example, what I said about fish and the infinity sign; or people and pictures; rain and poured water; red colorant and blood…
My favorite color is blue. I wish chocolate was blue, as well, or if it could have a blue fill in it. That’s a millionaire idea, I think: Imagine a chocolate with a blueberry fill in an indigo blue color.  How tasty.